September 3, 2019. Event ” human behavior in the crowd»

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3 September 2019 by the Department of the organisation of tour excursions Gayfutdinova O. A. for students of class 6 b MBOU “baryatinskaya Srednyaya SHKOLA-municipal No. 2” held the event “human Behavior in the crowd”, timed to the Day of solidarity in fight against terrorism.
This date is related to the tragic events in the city of Beslan on September 1-3, 2004, where terrorists held people for three days at school, half of whom died. In the life of every person happens a lot of happy events. But, unfortunately, sometimes it happens that we need someone’s help and protection. Being at home or at school, you know who to turn to in a difficult moment – it’s our parents, teachers, friends. But being alone with a huge city, no one is immune from various dangers. A big city can meet us unfriendly: threats can lurk everywhere – in public transport, cinema, theater, just on the street. One of these threats is the aggressive behavior of the crowd.
Unfortunately, the list of reasons that turn a crowd of people into an unmanageable mass is very large. Often those who found themselves in it, later and themselves in perplexity from their own behavior. The explanation in this case should be sought in the distant past, referring to the primitive instincts of man. They explained the appearance of mass psychosis. This behavior helped people to survive in the distant and harsh times. Any of us, caught in an aggressive crowd, should try not to succumb to its universal negative feeling. However, it should be borne in mind that this unruly mass does not tolerate “apostates”, and can brutally deal with those who did not succumb to psychosis. If you do not preserve your own individuality, you can lose not only the appearance of a person, but also your life.
Students listened attentively to the material about this tragic date in the history of Russia – September 3 (the day of solidarity in the fight against terrorism); learned about the essence of terrorism, the formation of tolerance and the prevention of ethnic hatred and intolerance; got acquainted with the basic rules of human behavior in the crowd.


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