March 13, 2019. Lecture on ” cities of Volga Bulgaria»

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13 March 2019 associate of the Department of organization of the city’s Kalinkina A. N. for grade 3 students GBOO “Bulgarian sanatorium boarding school” held a lecture on the theme “Cities of Volga Bulgaria”.
Our Republic is one of those regions of the Russian Federation, where a large number of monuments and ensembles, places of interest are concentrated, which are of value not only in the national and all-Russian, but also in the world. In Tatarstan, where, according to the popular expression, East and West met, many unique material and cultural monuments, included in the Golden Fund of Russian and world culture, have been created over many centuries of coexistence and interaction of Christian and Islamic civilizations. We inherited a rich culture from our ancestors.
The first cities were Bolgar and Suvar. Information about them brought to us Arab writers and travelers of the early Tenth century. Already in the second half of the X century on the territory of Volga Bulgaria begins the rapid growth of cities such as bilar, Oshel, Suvar, Kazan, Kashan, Zhukotin, Kremenchuk, Mardan. Most of them were located in the left Bank of the Volga and Zakamye.
During the lecture, watching the presentation, students got acquainted with the rich history of their region, and the interesting material that they heard in the classroom allowed them to plunge into the history of the past and understand a lot.


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