October 10, 2021. An event on “The guests of the hostess of Suvar”.

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On 10 October 2021, within the decade of older persons a friendly team of active pensioners from the village Nikolskoye had an exciting tour of a local history museum “Suvar” in the village Kuznechiha.
“Near the museum building, we were met by a hospitable mistress and keeper of the museum “Suvar” Sadrieva N. M. She organized a special knowledge-entertaining program for us that turned our tour into an unusual party.
The museum that looks very nice after repair opened its doors for everybody. It offers a cozy atmosphere that allows diving into history. The exposition reflects the exciting and amazing history of Suvar – one of the most important towns of Volga Bulgaria. Then our excursion slowly went into a party. The decade of older persons and a tourist season were coming to the end, and Ninel Masgutovna did everything that this unusual festive tour was a success. At the end, most active participants were awarded certificates “Connoisseurs of the history of Suvar”, and everybody received sweet “golden” chocolate medals “For overcoming the way to Suvar”.
After that, a hospitable mistress set the tables and organized a tea party for us with cakes, pies and other treats. We honored Ninel Masgutovna with songs and poems.
With a huge baggage of impressions, photos and songs, we were returning home to our native village Nikolskoye with the intent to continue travel around our Republic of Tatarstan.
We are all very thankful to the head of the museum “Suvar” Sadrieva N. M. for the exceptionally interesting excursion and wonderful party organized for us.”
Avdonina V. P., a former teacher, left this glowing review of the successful event from all group, on behalf of 17 veterans – participants of the trip to the museum “Suvar” in Kuznechiha.



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