13 January 2020. “A Christmas tree is the main symbol of New Year”

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On 13 January 2020, a research associate of Bolgar Museum-Reserve’s educational department Krivosheyeva S. V. held an event “A Christmas tree is the main symbol of New Year” for the students of the 2nd grade of Bolgar sanatorium-type residential school.
At this event, children got acquainted with the history of emergence of New Year’s Day and traditions of decorating a Christmas tree. Days of winter solstice is a holiday, which has a mystical side – a great mystery of the “door opening” between the Sky and the Earth, and beautifully decorated Christmas tree always was a symbol of that. In the old days people believed that the time of winter solstice had the magic and all the innermost could come down to anyone.
At the end of the event, schoolchildren watched the first fairy tale about the tree published by Hans Christian Andersen in 1844. This story called “A fir” told about the fate of the fir as a Christmas tree.




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