November 27, 2019. Lecture ” Alish: life, creativity, feat»

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November 27, 2019 for students in grade 6 GBOO “Bulgarian sanatorium boarding school” Spassky municipal district of Tatarstan employee of the organization Department of the city of BGIAMZ Rogacheva M. N. lecture “Alish: the life, work, deed”, devoted to the life and work of Abdullah alisha.
Abdullah Alish is a Tatar children’s writer, a native of the Spassky district. His work is especially interesting for young and middle-aged children. The heroic feat of Abdullah Alish, Musa Jalil’s ally during the great Patriotic war of 1941-1945 is a vivid example in the military-Patriotic education of young people.
During the lecture with the presentation of the presentation, the children got acquainted with the biography of the writer, as well as his work dedicated to children. Once again we remembered alisha’s fairy tales, having looked at books and cartoons. Answering questions of a quiz, children told about works of the writer which read earlier, and the most active experts of Abdulla Alish’s creativity were noted by diplomas.


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