Volunteers from different countries will contribute to the preservation of the heritage of Bolgar

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The UNESCO world heritage site – Bulgarian historical and archaeological complex is preparing for a meeting of volunteers of the UNESCO international camp “Volunteers of the world heritage of Bolgar”, which will be held from July 21 to August 2, 2019.
During the project, volunteers will be engaged in archaeological excavations, processing of artifacts, digitization of Museum collections, as well as visit various excursions, lectures and workshops on traditional crafts. This year 30 people from Bangladesh, Germany, Iran, Spain, Kazakhstan, Canada, Poland, Russia, Taiwan, France, Switzerland will take part in the project.
As explained by the head of the project – researcher of the world heritage Department of the Russian heritage Institute Nargiz aituganova, the project will provide participants with the opportunity to contribute to the preservation of world heritage, increase their awareness of the monuments of culture and art of Tatarstan, as well as provide specific skills.
“The project aims to give volunteers a complete picture of what is happening with artifacts, the ability to trace their entire path from finding to access them through an electronic catalog. Also this year, volunteers will create 18 interpretative videos in English, Russian and Tatar languages about the key monuments and museums of the Bulgarian historical and archaeological complex,” she said.
The youth volunteer camp “Volunteers of the world heritage of Bolgar” is held for the third time. The project is implemented by the Bulgarian Museum-reserve within the framework of UNESCO’s initiative “world heritage Volunteers” with the support of the Ministry of culture of the Republic of Tatarstan, ANO “Goodsurfing”, the Russian geographical society, The Russian research Institute of cultural and natural heritage named after D. S. Likhachev and NGO “European heritage volunteers”.
UNESCO world heritage site “Bulgarian historical and archaeological complex” is located on the banks of the Volga river to the South of the confluence of the Kama river, South of Kazan. It contains evidence of the existence of the medieval state of Volga Bulgaria, the city of Bulgars – an ancient settlement of the Volga Bulgars – the people who lived here in the period from VII to XV century. It was the Volga Bulgars in 922 that were the first in the territory of present-day Russia to voluntarily and officially adopt Islam. In the XIII century the city became the first capital of the Golden Horde, remaining an important trade center during the Kazan khanate. Bolgar was located at the crossroads of trade routes, being the center of economic, cultural and political relations. The entire object is 424 hectares.
The authors of the text: Julia Sergeeva, Maria Demeneva
Photos: Kristina Yakovleva
Contact person: Nargiz aituganova, +79172844197





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