July 8, 2019. Interactive event “Family in the Museum»

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8 July 2019 employees of the organization Department of the city of the Bulgarian Museum-reserve the Salimova G. I., Gayfutdinova O. A. for children from the city of Kazan held an interactive event on “Family in the Museum”, dedicated to the Day of family, love and fidelity.
On this day the Russian Orthodox Church celebrates the day of memory of saints Peter and Fevronia, who were considered the patrons of family and marriage in Russia since ancient times. Unfortunately, on the Day of family, loyalty, love, which is celebrated on 8 July (Slavic day of love), I know a few people. Therefore, it is very important to get acquainted with the history of this holiday and its traditions, because it is part of our culture.
The idea to celebrate the day of family values in Russia arose in the city of Murom, Vladimir region, in the mid-1990s, but this holiday was added to the holiday calendar only in 2008. Why is July 8, and that connects this festival with Moore?
From the very childhood in fairy tales we met a touching saying: “they Lived happily ever after and died in one day.” It is borrowed from the well-known story, which children learn in primary school. The work, which became a monument of old Russian literature, was written in the XVI century. It is based on was based on the oral legends of Murom. The main characters in the story are Peter and Fevronia of Murom – faithful spouses who showed their lives the main spiritual values. The story of their love has passed through several centuries, not lost among other works and not forgotten. It marked the beginning of a bright holiday — the Day of Peter and Fevronia (Day of family, love and loyalty).
The guests were given a tour of the objects of the Bulgarian Museum-reserve – architectural monuments of the XIII-XIV centuries. During the interactive part, which took place on the settlement, played outdoor games, guessed riddles and learned a lot of new and interesting things from the history of the ancient city of Bulgaria and the history of this holiday. This day left an indelible impression on the visitors.


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