6 January 2019. Event ” Christmas traditions»

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6 January 2019 for the group of pupils of the Kazan schools staff of the organization Department of the city of the Bulgarian Museum-reserve Gaunavou V. N., Galimullina N. R., Gayfutdinova O. A. in interactive form was held informational and educational event “Christmas traditions”. This event is timed to the state Christian holiday “Christmas”. This is one of the most important Christian holidays and a public holiday in more than 100 countries, associated with the memory of the birth of Jesus Christ. During the event, students were presented with a colorful presentation that introduced them to the history of the holiday, traditions and customs that accompany the celebration of Christmas in Russia. The children prepared Christmas cards with their own hands, as well as in the old days dressing up, participated in folk – carols. The event ended with a souvenir photo.


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