10 July 2024. An event on “Bolgar craftsmen”.

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On 10 July 2024, within the framework of the Year of the Family, the staff of the Bolgar Museum-Reserve held an event for a group of children from the ship “I. Bunin”. On the interactive platform “Bolgar craftsmen”, masters held master-classes for 12 children on artistic painting of plaster figurines, vine weaving and making Russian dolls.
Under the guidance of masters-craftsmen, children made memorable souvenirs with great desire and effort. Fans of board games with pleasure played the medieval game “Bolgar ball” and even parents did not stay aside, also played together with their children. Then the participants of the event visited the Museum of Bulgarian Civilization where they became acquainted with the history of Volga Bulgaria. All the children received the book “An entertaining guidebook” as a gift from the museum-reserve.


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