6 June 2024. Quest-game ‘There, on unknown paths’.

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On 6 June 2024, a researcher of the Bolgar Museum-Reserve Musina G. M. conducted a quest-game ‘There, on unknown paths’ (based on the fairy tales of Alexander Pushkin) for 41 schoolchildren of the school camp of Bolgar secondary school No. 2 in the museum ‘Nobility of Spassky uyezd’.
6 June 2024 is the 225th anniversary of the birth of A.S. Pushkin – a classic of Russian literature known all over the world. The writer’s admirers call him ‘our everything’ and ‘the sun of Russian poetry’. Not without reason – Pushkin became the creator of the modern literary Russian language.
During the event, the children had to collect the key phrase from the fragments received for correctly completed tasks. At various stages of the quest, the heroes of Pushkin’s fairy tales waited children and gave them tasks. Schoolchildren played the games ‘Magic Bag’, ‘Miracles’, took an active part in discussing the correctness of answers. At the end of the game, pupils visited the museum and walked around the courtyard area. They were left with unforgettable impressions and memorable gifts.


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