7 June 2024. An event on ‘Our Homeland’.

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On 7 June 2024, an employee of the Bolgar Museum-Reserve Bitunova Y. A. for 18 children from Bugulma held an event on ‘Our Homeland’ timed to the Day of Russia.
On 12 June, our country celebrates the official state holiday – the Day of Russia, which is marked annually on the day of signing the declaration of independence of the Russian Federation. On this day, we remember the centuries-old history of Russia, the difficult and heroic path of its formation and development, the feats of our fathers and grandfathers. We have something to be proud of. The country, which was tried to conquer from ancient times to the present time, has withstood all the hardships and sufferings. This holiday is a symbol of national unity and common responsibility for the present and future of our Motherland. All those who understand our common values – pride for the country, the desire to work for its prosperity, love for the land and respect for its history, celebrate it.
At this event, information about the holiday and state symbols of Russia was presented for the purpose of patriotic education of the younger generation. At the end, children took part in a quiz.


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