16 April 2024. An information and educational event on “Bulgar bronze locks”.

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On 16 April 2024, an employee of the Bolgar Museum-Reserve Glavnova V.N. for 22 schoolchildren from Moscow in the framework of the Federal Project “Culture for Schoolchildren” held an information and educational event on “Bulgar bronze locks”. The aim of the event was to acquaint the children with the historical past of Volga Bulgaria and to introduce them to the cultural heritage of the Republic of Tatarstan.
Among the products of the Bulgar metal masters, one cannot fail to notice a peculiar range of items testifying to the universal character of penetration of art into everyday life. These are pendant locks of cubic, cylindrical shape decorated with ornaments, beautiful Arabic script, made in the technique of inlaying gold and silver. An amazing product of Bulgar masters is the bronze lock of the master Abu-Bekr. The uniqueness of the lock lies in the fact that it is the only accurately dated and signed object from the territory of Volga Bulgaria. It was made by master Abu-Bekr, son of Ahmed, in 1146-1147. This lock was created by casting on a wax model and decorated with an Arabic inscription: “The work of Abu-Bekr, son of Ahmed. Constant glory and peaceful success and comprehensive happiness, and greatness, and prosperity to the owner of this (lock)”.
The pupils became acquainted with the exposition of the Museum of Bulgarian Civilization revealing the history of Volga Bulgaria, learned about archaeological research at the settlement. They took an active part in the quiz and interactive game “Learn the history of your people”, answered questions. The children expanded their horizons, got a lot of positive emotions, because bright impressions about the history of the native country, received in childhood, remain in the memory of a person for life. In conclusion, a master class was held on painting souvenirs, which the children took with them in memory of Bolgar.

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