10 April 2024. Opening of the exhibition “Truth-telling glass”.

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On 10 April 2024, at the exhibition grounds of the Museum of Bulgarian Civilization the opening of the exhibition “Truth-telling glass” took place. Mirrors are witnesses of life, and many mystical legends are associated with them. On the one hand, they are just everyday objects, but they were witnesses of amazing events, different interesting biographies. This exhibition tells about the main stages of development of mirror production and the most interesting stories associated with them. The first mirror factory in Russia was built only under Peter the Great, and soon Russian architects mastered the art of placing mirrors in the interior.
The exhibition is based on mirrors of XIV century and XX century from the funds of the Bolgar Museum-Reserve. The exhibition presents wall mirrors, table mirrors, pocket mirrors. The exposition includes interior items and accessories of XIX – early XX centuries, inspired by the theme of mirrors.
The event was attended by 29 schoolchildren from Moscow.


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