10 April 2024. An information and entertainment event on “To be healthy is fashionable!”.

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On April 10, 2024, the employees of the Museum of Bulgarian Civilization T.G. Zarifullina, T.P. Kamayeva and V.A. Salnikova held an informational and entertaining event on “To be healthy is fashionable!” dedicated to the World Health Day. The event was conducted for 19 students of the 2nd grades of Bolgar secondary school No. 1.
The aim of the event was promoting a healthy lifestyle, developing interest in physical education and sport, improving children’s health and organizing active recreation.
On 7 April, people all over the planet celebrate World Health Day. On this day, sports competitions and festivals take place all over the world so that children of the planet grow up healthy, brave, courageous, agile and strong. Health is the most precious thing a person has. Health is when you feel good, when nothing hurts, it is beauty, strength, flexibility and slenderness, endurance, harmony, it is when you wake up in the morning cheerful, when you can easily climb the 4th floor, when you are happy to do any work and enjoy life. Health should be protected and cared for from an early age. What do you need to do for this? Observe the regime of the day, sleep well, exercise, brush your teeth, wash your face, keep clean and tidy, eat healthy foods, play sports.
The children actively participated in the conversation about healthy lifestyle, told how they take care of their health, what kinds of sports they do. In the entertaining part of the event, kids showed their agility, wit, quickness, marksmanship and skill, participating in fun contests, quizzes and games. Friendship won, as always! All participants of the meeting received sweet prizes.

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