5 April 2024. An event on “Ancient legends of the deep”.

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On 5 April 2024, a researcher of the Bolgar Museum-Reserve Krivosheyeva S.V. for the pupils of the 4th grade of Bolgar sanatorium boarding school held an event on “Ancient legends of the deep”.
Since ancient times, the protection of monuments was given great attention.
At this lesson, the children learnt that Peter I in 1722 visited Bolgar and ordered to protect the monuments of antiquity. After the visit of Catherine II to Bolgar in June 1767, who drew attention to the deplorable state of the monuments of architecture, contrary to Peter’s decree, the ruins of the ancient town became the object of examination. In the first half of XIX century, the ruins of the ancient city constantly attracted attention. In 1816, professor of Kazan University F. H. Erdman described and sketched them. In 1827, Kazan provincial architect A. K. Schmidt made careful measurements and drew up plans of all fortifications, buildings and ruins, accompanying them with drawings.
Pupils became acquainted with the history of the ancient city, looked at photos of architectural monuments of XIII-XIV centuries and compared how they looked in XIX century and nowadays. They assessed the level of their knowledge of the history of Volga Bulgaria.
The event was attended by 12 people.


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