4 April 2024. Opening of the exhibition “The history of one object. Bast shoes”.

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On April 4, 2024, at the exhibition area of the Museum of Bulgarian Civilization took place the opening of the exhibition “The history of one object. Bast shoes”. The exhibition presents one of the interesting exhibits – lapti. Lapti were the footwear of poor villagers in Russia. The exact date of their appearance is unknown to this day. Lapti were very popular in Rus, so they had different styles and weaving variants. The simplest lapti were made from the bark of deciduous trees such as linden, elm, birch, oak and rakita. Lapti had different names depending on the material that was used. The high durability was possessed by bast lapti.
Another important object of the exhibition was presented to the audience – a tool, without which it is impossible to make lapti, it is a kochedyk.
Lapti have lived in history for more than one century. At the moment, they remain a symbol of Russian villages, which reminds of our ancestors. The objects of the exhibition are presented from the funds of the museum-reserve.


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