3 April 2024. An interactive event on “An extraordinary journey to the Bolgar Khanate”.

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On 3 April 2024, as part of the project “Pushkin’s card”, the staff of the Bolgar Museum-Reserve held an interactive event on “An extraordinary journey to the Bolgar Khanate” for the students of Polyanskaya secondary school and Bolgar sanatorium boarding school. The event was attended by 31 people.
At the theatrical performance, the students were immersed in the atmosphere of the medieval city of Bolgar. Khan, Khanbike and the Keeper of Crafts told about the history of Volga Bulgaria, told the children about the development of trade, science, education and crafts in this state. The participants of the event were presented master-classes on pottery, art painting and vine weaving. The children tried to make a ceramic vessel with their own hands. Artists presented a master class on painting a plaster figurine. Applying intricate patterns is a painstaking and fascinating process, in which kids took part with pleasure. At the master-class, the basic methods and techniques of vine weaving were shown.
Then everyone was acquainted with the peculiarities of Arabic script and imitation of ancient writing devices. The children learnt to write their names in Arabic using ink and goose quill or reed kalam.
A gastronomic master class was held for the participants of the event, where the recipe and tradition of serving one of the oldest dishes of Tatar cuisine “bal-mai” was presented. The children listened with great interest to the secrets and instructions on the preparation of this special treat, tasted bal-mai with fresh bread.
At the end, everyone enjoyed playing medieval board games “Alquerque” and “Mill”.
You can buy tickets for the “Pushkin’s card” events at https://clck.ru/39rUzL

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