3 April 2024. A lecture on “Golden pantry”.

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On April 3, 2024, an employee of the Bolgar Museum-Reserve Bitunova Yu. A. gave a lecture on “Golden pantry” (jewelry art of the Volga Bulgars) for the students of Polyanskaya secondary school. Nineteen people attended the lecture.
Jewelry is the art of processing precious materials and making jewels, a kind of arts and crafts. Its history goes back to the distant past. People from ancient times decorated themselves by making pendants, beads and bracelets out of shells, stones. Then the material for jewelry became metal: copper, bronze, gold, silver, platinum. Each epoch created jewelry in its own way, which was reflected in the choice of material, methods of its processing, technique and language of artistic forms.
During the lecture, the children got acquainted with the history of the Volga Bulgars’ jewelry making as an art, heard ancient tales and legends related to jewels.


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