Meeting on coordination of schedules of locking of passenger vessels following the schedule on inland waterways for navigation in 2024.

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From 19 to 22 March 2024, in Saratov with the participation of representatives of the Federal Agency for Marine and River Transport, Administration of inland waterways basins and shipping companies took place a meeting to coordinate the schedules of locking of passenger ships following the schedule on inland waterways for navigation in 2024. Employees of the Bolgar Museum-Reserve Biryukova G.M. and Prokofieva G.R. attended the meeting. In Bolgar, the opening of navigation is scheduled for 29 April.
Within the framework of the meeting bilateral meetings on coordination of schedules of movement of passenger cruise ships were held, actual questions for the forthcoming navigation, questions of safety of passenger transportations and tourist potential of cities were discussed. The event was attended by inland water transport organizations, owners and lessees of berthing facilities, host tour operators and leading river cruise companies – Vodohod, Mosturflot, Doninturflot, Sozvezdiye, etc.
The organizer of the meetings by agreement is the Federal Marine and River Transport Agency represented by Galina Dolganova, Head of Infrastructure Development and Transportation Department. Invitations from Rosmorrechflot are sent to all river basin authorities of Central Russia and cruise operators. Such meetings are held annually in three stages: in August, in December and in March. Cruise companies agree on the dates and times when their ships will call at specific ports and berths throughout the navigation period.


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