22 March 2024. A lecture on “Tatar ornament”.

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On 22 March 2024, an employee of the Bolgar Museum-Reserve N.R. Galimullina gave an interactive lecture on “Tatar ornament” for the children from Bolgar Children’s School of Arts. The purpose of this event was to arouse interest in Eastern culture, to teach to notice and reflect in ornaments the beauty of the surrounding nature, to cultivate a sense of beauty and careful attitude to folk traditions, which have become an integral part of the cultural heritage of the Republic of Tatarstan.
As they say, “the East is a delicate matter”. The East has always attracted the whole world with its unconventional beauty, mystery and different philosophies. Almost all Oriental fine arts are ornaments, which have a great variety of colors, shapes and deep content of signs and symbols that make up the pattern, which in turn was reflected in the ornamentation of handwritten books, shamails, leather mosaics, embroidery and jewelry art of the Volga Tatars.
During the event, the schoolchildren discovered the beauty of this amazing ornamental art. They tried to create a Tatar ornament “tulip” using the “Ebru” water painting technique.


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