19 March 2024. An event on “Preserving the memory of the past”.

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On 19 March 2024, an employee of the Bolgar Museum-Reserve Bitunova Yu. A. held an event for the students of Bolgar secondary school № 1 on the theme “Preserving the memory of the past”. Eleven people attended the event.
The Bolgar Historical and Architectural Museum-Reserve is the northernmost monument of medieval Muslim architecture of the middle of XIII-XIV centuries. The history of peoples was expressed not only in the development of economy, political events and spiritual activity of people, but also in the architectural heritage. The emergence of cities and urban culture in Volga Bulgaria is closely connected with the adoption of Islam, which occurred in 922. All archaeological and written sources testify to the fact that Bulgar cities were excellent examples of quality architectural creativity.
During the event, the pupils learnt the history of Volga Bulgaria, listened with interest to the legends about the ancient city of Bolgar. At the end of the event, the children collected puzzles with images of architectural objects and participated in a quiz.


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