19 March 2024. An interactive event on “Architecture of Volga Bulgaria”.

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On 19 March 2024, an employee of the Bolgar Museum-Reserve Salimova G.I. held an interactive event on “Architecture of Volga Bulgaria” for seven pupils of the 3rd grade of Bolgar secondary school No.1.
Schoolchildren learnt about the appearance of cities and urban culture in Volga Bulgaria, which is closely connected with the adoption of Islam in 922. The state entered into a wide contact with the Muslim world. The geographical and historical literature of the Arab-Persian Middle Ages appeared about Volga Bulgaria, and this was reflected in Bulgar architecture.
The study of the architecture of Volga Bulgaria is of considerable importance because the state played a significant role in the formation of the architectural appearance of modern cities located on its territory. Consequently, without knowledge of the architecture of Volga Bulgaria it is impossible to comprehend and appreciate the merits of the cities in which we live.
During the event in the Museum of Bulgarian Civilization, kids got acquainted with the history of the origin of Volga Bulgaria, with models of the architecture of the Golden Horde, with a rich archeological collection of unique jewelry discovered during the research, learned about the purpose and use of jewelers’ tools, and also heard ancient legends connected with Bolgar architecture.
The children collected puzzles with architectural buildings with great interest and recognized their names by their silhouettes in a playful way. At the end of the event, the schoolchildren received magnets as a souvenir.


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