15 March 2024. A museum lesson “Our tea traditions”.

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On 15 March 2024, an employee of the Bolgar Museum-Reserve Hramova G. K. held a museum lesson “Our tea traditions” for 40 tourists from Samara.
The ritual of tea drinking is firmly embedded in Tatar life. Tatar people call the tea table the soul of the family, thus emphasizing the special importance of tea both in their lives and in the national cuisine. This drink is a constant companion of any meal. It is a characteristic feature of Tatar cuisine, without which it is impossible to imagine any holiday: wedding, matchmaking, Sabantuy, birth of a child.
The participants of the event learnt about the origin of tea, its types, as well as the peculiarities of Tatar tea drinking and hospitality. At the end of the event, everyone enjoyed pancakes.


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