15 March 2024. An interactive and entertaining event on “Sudarynya Maslenitsa”.

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On 15 March 2024, an employee of the Bolgar Museum-Reserve Hramov D.P. for 40 students from the city of Samara held an interactive and entertaining event on “Sudarynya Maslenitsa”.
In fact, Maslenitsa is an ancient pagan holiday, which with the passage of time was slightly changed under the canons of the Orthodox Church. In times of paganism (in pre-Christian Russia), this holiday was called simply “Seeing off winter”.
Our ancestors honored the sun as a god. When the first warm spring days came, they rejoiced that the sun began to warm the earth. This is how the tradition of baking round cakes appeared because by their form, they resembled a round and warm sun. People believed that by eating such a treat, they would get a piece of sunlight and warmth. Over time, tortillas were replaced by ruddy pancakes.
During the event, the children learnt about the history and traditions of celebrating Pancake Day in Russia. Schoolchildren drew the sun, guessed riddles, played ancient folk games. At the end of the event, everyone enjoyed traditional pancakes.


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