15 March 2024. An event on “A wonderful page of poetry”.

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On 15 March 2024, an employee of the Bolgar Museum-Reserve Galimullina N.R. for nine students of the 7th grade of Bolgar sanatorium boarding school held an event on “A wonderful page of poetry” dedicated to the World Poetry Day.
It has long been known that poetry helps to plunge into the atmosphere of beauty, develops imagination and helps to understand various social processes, the inner world of another person. The artistic poetic word has an amazing ability to influence a person.
During the event, children received information about the holiday, learnt about the founder of Bulgar written poetry – a poet of the turn of XII-XIII centuries Kul Gali, and got acquainted with his legendary work “The Tale of Yusuf”. This work penetrated so deeply into the spiritual world of the Tatar people that it became one of the most popular works of the medieval period in the Eastern world.
After listening to some excerpts from the poem, pupils were able to touch the historical period when this work was created. The children analyzed the actions of individual characters, thus gaining instructive examples for themselves. At the end of the event, schoolchildren participated in a quiz with pleasure, actively answering all the questions, proving that the proposed material interested them despite the complexity of perception of this medieval masterpiece.


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