15 March 2024. An information and entertainment lesson “Clear Maslenitsa is the most beautiful!” — — — — — — — – — — 

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On March 15, 2024, the employees of the Museum of the Bulgarian Civilization T.G. Zarifullina and T.P. Kamayeva held an informative and entertaining lesson “Clear Maslenitsa is the most beautiful!” devoted to the celebration of Shrovetide, for the pupils of the 2nd grades of Bolgar secondary school №1. Twenty-two people took part in the activity.
The event was held to acquaint students with Russian folk traditions and rituals, with the history of the holiday, to form a friendly team, to introduce children to folklore.
Pancake Day is a great holiday in Russia. It takes place in late February – early March, heralds the end of winter and the beginning of spring. People celebrate Shrovetide with jokes, games, dances, hearty feasts, necessarily with pancakes. Each day of Shrovetide week has a name, and the name says what to do on that day.
The last day of Shrovetide week was called “Forgiveness Sunday”. Relatives and friends went to each other not to celebrate, but to ask forgiveness for intentional and accidental offences and grief. At a meeting (sometimes even with a stranger) it was supposed to stop and ask for mutual forgiveness with threefold bows. On this day, all offences and insults are forgiven, because it is necessary to meet spring with a clear conscience. In the evening, people said goodbye to Maslenitsa, took her out of the neighborhood and set her on fire. They solemnly burnt a straw effigy as a sign of victory of life over death; the ashes are scattered on the field to give strength to sowing, to future harvest.
The children learnt about the history and traditions of the holiday, its rituals and symbols. They actively participated in the conversation about how they meet and celebrate Pancake Day, what they know about this ancient holiday. Cheerful contests and amusements created a joyful and festive mood. The class ended with a treat of pancakes.

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