14 March 2024. An information and entertainment lesson “As on Butter Week!”

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On March 14, 2024, the employees of the Museum of Bulgarian Civilization Zarifullina T.G. and Kamayeva T.P. held an informative and entertaining lesson “As on Butter Week!”, devoted to the celebration of Maslenitsa, for 12 pupils of grades 2-4 of Bolgar boarding school.
Shrovetide is an ancient, cheerful and noisy folk holiday. It has no exact date, but every year it is marked in late February or early March, and in these days, people see off winter and welcome spring. Our ancestors believed that the wicked winter should be helped to drive away, and the beautiful spring should be invoked, baited, “buttered up” with treats – pancakes. The main character of this holiday is a pancake. Round, ruddy, hot, it symbolizes the sun, which is getting brighter and brighter, lengthening the days. People say that if you celebrate Pancake Day cheerfully, you will live a whole year in joy.
The children became acquainted with the history and traditions of the holiday, its rituals and symbols, learnt that each day of Maslenitsa Week has its own name. Fun contests and amusements created a joyful and festive mood. The class ended with a treat of pancakes with sweet lemonade.

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