14 March 2024. Opening of the exhibition “The history of rushnik”.

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On 14 March 2024, at the exhibition area of the Museum of Bulgarian Civilization took place the opening of the exhibition “The history of rushnik”.
What does the word rushnik mean? In the past, peasants did not have scissors, and they could not cut the narrow homespun cloth for rushniks into pieces, they tore it off with their hands – i.e. “ruined”, destroyed its integrity. This is from the Old Slavonic word “rush” (ruin, break, tear) went the meaning of “rushnik”.
In the culture of many peoples, rushnik takes an important place, combining sign, decorative and utilitarian functions. Since ancient times, a cross-embroidered towel made of homespun canvas was used to decorate the walls of the house on holidays, to decorate the red corner, as well as to perform rituals. Girls embroidered rushniks for all occasions.
The exhibition presents rushniks of different nations (Russian, Tatar and Chuvash) from the funds of the museum-reserve.


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