14 March 2024. An event on “Maslenitsa-blinnitsa – the birthday girl of spring”.

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On 14 March 2024, an employee of the Bolgar Museum-Reserve Glavnova V.N. for 11 schoolchildren of Bolgar sanatorium boarding school held an informative and entertaining event on “Maslenitsa-blinnitsa – the birthday girl of spring” within the framework of the All-Russian action “Folk culture of schoolchildren”.
Shrovetide has preserved the character of folk festivities for many centuries. All Pancake Day traditions are aimed at chasing away winter and waking up nature from its sleep. Pancake Day was met with majestic songs on snow slides. Pancakes are the main treat and a symbol of Maslenitsa. They are baked every day from Monday, but especially a lot from Thursday to Sunday. The tradition of baking pancakes has been in Russia since the time of worshiping the pagan gods. After all, it was the sun god Yarilo who was called upon to banish winter, and a round ruddy pancake is very similar to the summer sun.
A presentation and a video clip were shown at the event. Schoolchildren learnt where the tradition of celebrating Pancake Day came from in Russia, why the holiday is called that and what pancakes symbolize. Children learnt about traditions, customs and original culture, solved riddles, read poems, actively participated in games and contests. The holiday was fun, and at the end of the event, the children had a traditional Shrovetide treat – pancakes and tea.


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