9 February 2024. A lecture “History lives on the streets of our city”.

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On 9 February 2024, an employee of the Bolgar Museum-Reserve Bitunova Yu. A. for the students of Bolgar cadet boarding school gave a lecture “History lives on the streets of our city”. 20 people attended the lecture.
Each city has its own historical destiny, its own biography determining its character and appearance. The streets of the city are mute witnesses and keepers of the history of our city, they can tell a lot to the interested person. Many streets are named in honor of writers and poets, communist figures, significant dates and holidays, heroes of the Civil and Great Patriotic Wars. To know about the people whose names the streets of cities are named after means to know the history, culture and people of the country where you live.
The children took an active part in the conversation about their hometown, learnt a lot of new things about those whose names the streets of the city bear.


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