6 February 2024. An interactive and informative lesson “To the origins of science development”. — — — — — — – — —

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On 6 February 2024, the scientific staff of the Bolgar Museum-Reserve R.Z. Vagapov and I.D. Muhametshin held an interactive and informative lesson “To the origins of science development” for the 6th grade pupils of Bolgar secondary school No. 2. The event was devoted to the celebration of the Day of Russian Science. During the lesson, the pupils learnt about the history of origin and formation of scientific knowledge from ancient times to the present day, how it became a separate area of human life.
With the development of writing in the countries of ancient civilizations, knowledge about nature, man and society was accumulated and comprehended, the rudiments of mathematics, logic, geometry, astronomy and medicine emerged. The predecessors of modern scientists were philosophers of Ancient Greece and Rome, for whom reflection and search for truth became the main occupation. In Ancient Greece, variants of knowledge classification appeared.
Science in the modern sense began to emerge from XVI-XVII centuries. In the course of historical development, its influence went beyond the development of technique and technology. Science has turned into the most important social, humanitarian institution, which has a significant impact on all spheres of society and culture.
Ten schoolchildren attended the lesson.


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