February 5, 2024. An information and cognitive event on “Mendeleev D.I. is a genius of Russian science”. — — — — — 

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On 5 February 2024, a research worker of the Bolgar Museum-Reserve Vagapov R. Z. held an information and cognitive lesson on “Mendeleev D.I. is a genius of Russian science” for the pupils of the 8th grade of Bolgar secondary school № 2.
8 February is the 190th anniversary of the birth of Dmitry Ivanovich Mendeleev. First of all, he is remembered as the author of the periodic table of chemical elements. At the lesson, the children learnt about the biography of Dmitry Ivanovich and found out what role in the life of the great scientist played his mother Maria Dmitrievna, who gave everything for her son to get a good education. Dmitry did not let his mother down, he graduated from the Moscow Main Pedagogical Institute with a gold medal, became a professor at the age of 30, an author of the first Russian chemistry textbook “Organic chemistry” and many scientific discoveries. Pupils learnt about the history of his greatest discovery – the periodic system of chemical elements. They learnt that D.I. Mendeleev was rightly called the Russian Leonardo da Vinci.
Fourteen people attended the event.

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