1 February 2024. An informative event on “Student years of A. Alish”.

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On 1 February 2024, a research assistant of the Bolgar Museum-Reserve Musina G. M. held an informative event on “Student years of A. Alish” for 19 students of the 8th grade of Bolgar secondary school № 2. In the museum of the children’s Tatar writer Abdulla Alish, the schoolchildren got acquainted with the years of the writer’s studies in different periods of his life: from studying in a madrasa to studying at the Kazan Pedagogical Institute. Pupils became acquainted with biography and creativity of the author, learnt that Alish wrote sketches, stories, plays, but achieved the greatest success in the genre of fairy tales for the youngest children. It was his love for kids that led him to literature. “Fairy-tale uncle”, so children called him.
Children of all generations love works of Abdulla Alish. His fairy tales “The Talking Duck”, “The Bee and the Wasp”, “The Braggart Sparrow and the Modest Starling”, “Tails” and others help to bring up in children wonderful feelings of diligence and kindness, teach them to love their country, be brave and fair.
During the event, schoolchildren took an active part in the discussion, shared their knowledge and impressions about the works and life of Alish. The event ended with a review of the museum exposition, viewing of photos and books of the writer.


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