24 January 2024. Opening of the exhibition “History of one picture. Great Bolgar of 1722”.  —— — —– — — – 

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On 24 January 2024, the opening of the exhibition “History of one picture. Great Bolgar of 1722” took place at the exhibition area of the Museum of Bulgarian Civilization. The history of the ancient capital of Volga Bulgaria is more than a thousand years. During this time, the princes of Ancient Russia, the khans of the Golden Horde and the rulers of the Russian Empire have been here. For the preservation of the Bolgar settlement the most important, perhaps, was the visit of the Russian Emperor Peter the Great in May 1722. He inspected the ruins, left his autograph on the wall of the Big Minaret, ordered to write down and translate into Russian the texts from the Bulgarian and Armenian tombstones. Further, the Emperor issued a decree on the repair and preservation of the Bolgar ruins.
At the exhibition, the painting “Great Bolgar of 1722” of Rodionov A. M. was presented. The picture was painted in 1980. Rodionov Alexander Mironovich is a painter, Honored Art Worker of the TASSR, People’s Artist of the TASSR (1978), and Honored Artist of the RSFSR (1981). A painting depicting Peter the Great from the funds of the Bolgar Museum-Reserve is presented to the visitors of the museum.

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