19 January 2024. An event on “Respect for every religion”.

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On 19 January 2024, an employee of the Bolgar Museum-Reserve Salimova G. I. held an event on “Respect for every religion”, timed to coincide with World Religion Day, for 11 students of the 7th grades of Bolgar Cadet Boarding School.
Religion is a special form of realization of the world, which is based on belief in the supernatural. It includes moral norms and types of behavior, rituals, cult actions, and unites people in communities.
Three monotheistic religions are widespread in the world – Christianity, Islam, Judaism. Quite a large part of the population professes Buddhism. All confessions are equal before the law, and religion is everyone’s private affair. This situation in modern Russia ensures freedom of religion. Many religions contribute to the maintenance of peace and harmony in the world.
At the event, the children became acquainted with the exposition of the Museum of Quran, saw the world’s largest printed Quran, listened enthusiastically and asked questions.


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