18 January 2024. An interactive event on “Christmastide has its own orders”.

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On 18 January 2024, an employee of the Bolgar Museum-Reserve Sabirova L. A. for 14 pupils of Bolgar boarding school held an interactive event on “Christmastide has its own orders”.
Christmastide (Svyatki) begins with the night of Christmas Eve on 6 January, when the first star lights up in the sky. From that moment, the Christmas fast ends. The celebration lasts 12 days and ends with Epiphany. Svyatki are festive weeks, which were to be spent cheerfully. This time was devoted to rest, and every believer had to attend a church service at least once. It was customary to help the poor, visit shelters, distribute clothes and food because this holiday was dedicated to the most important event of every Christian – the birth of Jesus Christ. It was customary to celebrate Holy Days joyfully and with a good mood. That’s why during these days there were held several cheerful rituals – carols, fortune-telling.
The excursion to the Museum of the History of the Assumption Church was conducted for the children. Pupils became acquainted with the history of the holiday, traditions and customs. They actively participated in the quiz, games, made proverbs and received memorable gifts.
Rites and rituals of the winter holy days were transferred by our ancestors through millennia and prohibitions. They are worth preserving, if not as a practical guide, at least as a cultural and historical heritage.


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