18 November 2023. An event on “Journey to the era of Peter the Great”.

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On 18 November 2023, an employee of Bolgar Museum-Reserve Usmanova D.O. for 13 schoolchildren from Voronezh held an event on “Journey to the era of Peter the Great”.
The representative of the Romanov dynasty – Peter was proclaimed tsar at the age of 10, began to rule independently since 1689. Until his death in 1696, Peter’s formal co-emperor was his brother Ivan. From a young age, showing an interest in science and foreign lifestyle, Peter was the first of the Russian tsars to make a long journey to the countries of Western Europe. Upon his return from this trip, in 1698, Peter initiated large-scale reforms of the Russian state and social order. One of Peter’s main achievements was the solution of the task set in the 16th century: the expansion of the territories of Russia in the Baltic region after the victory in the Great Northern War, which allowed him to accept the title of Russian emperor in 1721. On his way to the Persian campaign in 1722, Peter visited the city of Bolgar. White stone buildings, monuments, scattered gravestones attracted his attention. He ordered to collect the slabs, to put them together for safety and to translate the inscriptions from Arabic into Russian.
During the event, children became interested in the activity and personality of Peter the Great, his reforms, foreign and domestic policy of the state. Kids kept the souvenirs they had painted themselves as a souvenir.


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