19 November 2023. An event on “Legends of Volga Bulgaria”.

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On 19 November 2023, an employee of Bolgar Museum-Reserve Salimova G.I. held an event on “Legends of Volga Bulgaria” for 11 pupils of the 7th grade of Bolgar cadet boarding school.
Bolgar architectural monuments are the world’s northernmost monuments of medieval Muslim architecture, which represent a unique example of Bolgar architecture of the Golden Horde period. They are especially valuable as living witnesses of those states, such as Volga Bulgaria and the Golden Horde when the city of Bolgar witnessed a flourishing of production and culture. The formation of urban planning skills of the Bulgars had a centuries-old history and developed under the influence of different cultural beginnings, especially Muslim.
Legend is a genre of folk art in which real historical events are presented in the form of symbolic generalization. Their heroes are ordinary people, including historical figures, as well as all sorts of supernatural beings and entities. Legends do not cover the whole history of the world, only certain periods, occasionally a whole epoch.
During the event, children got acquainted with the unique medieval monuments “Black Chamber” and “Small Minaret”, listened to the legends of Great Bolgar about the miraculous healing of the khan’s daughter and about the unburnable princess.


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