16 November 2023. Implementation of the project “Bolgar for everyone”.

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On 16 November 2023, in the creative studio “Territory of possibilities” and the craft workshops “Bulgar masters” of Bolgar Museum-Reserve, continued classes with 5th grade pupils of Bolgar boarding school for children with disabilities within the framework of the project “Bolgar for everyone” implemented with funds from the TATNEFT Charitable Foundation.
Four classes were held that day. In the carving workshop, children continued to master working with wood and independently assembled bird feeders from the prepared material. When the works were ready, the little masters were very pleased that they had made the bird feeders with their own hands. There were classes on weaving and handicrafts. Children got acquainted with table looms and tried to weave a small cloth themselves. The uncomplicated weaving process fascinated kids, and many of them decided to make small bracelets or phone cases out of the cloth. Girls took up crochet, and they made their first products – braided bracelets “fenechka”. Children also continued sand painting on specialized tables. Kids like this way of drawing, it relaxes and calms them down. They have an emotional rest while drawing their fantasies on the sand.
Children like the creative studio and craft workshops very much, they come to them with pleasure and get experience in different areas of folk-applied art, learn friendly communication, unity, mutual support.


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