9 November 2023. An event on “Time passes, but memory remains”.

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On 9 and 14 November 2023, in the Kuznechikhinskaya school took place an event on “Time passes, but memory remains” dedicated to the memory of the PS-40 crew – pilot S. Y. Muraviov and flight mechanic K. G. Pryanichnikov.
Pupils and teachers honored the memory of the lost crew of the plane, which crashed near the village of Sredny Yurtkul on November 9, 1941. The crew was on a special flight to deliver urgently needed equipment and component parts from Saratov for the Kazan plant. In the conditions of nighttime and the beginning of heavy snowfall, the aircraft crashed.
The head of the museum “Suvar” Sadrieva N.M. collected a lot of material about the pilots and their feat. In 2012, a monument was erected at the burial place of Muraviov and Pryanichnikov. In 2021, it was turned into a memorial. On 14 November, Sadrieva N.M., a museum curator Pugachyova V.A., residents of the village of Kuznechiha Fyodorov V.N. and Kashtanov P.N visited the memorial. They put in order the grave of the pilots and laid flowers.


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