10 November 2023. A lecture on “Museum stories”.

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On 10 November 2023, an employee of Bolgar Museum-Reserve Sabirzyanova L.I. for 24 guests held a lecture on “Museum stories”.
Museum is an institution engaged in collecting, studying, storing and exhibiting monuments of material and spiritual culture, as well as in educational activities.
Museums play a huge role in the cultural and educational development of a person. They act as keepers of memory, places where the past comes alive. To acquaint yourself with the life of different peoples, historical peculiarities of life in other countries, to learn how people lived in the past centuries – all this can be done in a museum. There are many different types of museums. It depends on what exhibits are kept there.
During the lecture, the guests visited the Museum of Bulgarian Civilization and the Museum of Quran where they learned about the research and archaeological excavations carried out on the territory of the reserve.


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