3 November 2023. An event on “Day of Unity of Peoples”.

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On 3 November 2023, an employee of Bolgar Museum-Reserve Krivosheyeva S.V. held an event on “Day of Unity of Peoples” for 23 schoolchildren from Samara.
At the event, children learned that 400 years ago, on 22 October 1612 (4 November according to the new style), the people’s militia led by Nizhny Novgorod merchant Kuzma Minin and voivode Dmitry Pozharsky drove the Polish invaders out of Moscow. In honor of this event, a public holiday was established in our country in 2004 – the Day of National Unity. Kids got acquainted with the symbols of the state.
Coat of Arms is an identifying symbol of the state, an official emblem made according to certain rules.
Flag – tricolor appeared in the epoch of Peter the Great, and each color carries a certain semantic load.
Anthem – an officially adopted solemn song in honor of the state. The anthem has changed several times in Russian history. It was connected with the form of state structure and those who led the country. The music of the anthem is stately and solemn. The anthem is listened to and sung standing up with headdresses removed. It was approved on 8 December 2000.
The event ended with an interactive quiz.


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