2 November 2023. A museum lesson “Tatar jewelry “chulpy”.

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On November 2, 2023, an employee of the department “Museum Street” of Bolgar Museum-Reserve Sagirova L. Sh. held a museum lesson “Tatar jewelry “chulpy” for the visitors of the museum.
Chulpy is a tinkling pendant of silver coins and plaques attached to a braid, with which it was woven into hair.
The plaques were made in the technique of scanning, stamping, casting and decorated with semi-precious stones, grains, floral and vegetal ornaments or Arabic script with engraving, niello and chasing. The most popular was a scanned or engraved blade-shaped plaque.
At the museum lesson, the guests learnt what stones jewelers used for making braid decorations, and at the end, they received memorable gifts.


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