2 November 2023. An event on “Our strength is in unity “.

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On 2 November 2023, an employee of Bolgar Museum-Reserve Bitunova Y.A. held an event on “Our strength is in unity” for the students of school № 40 in Tyumen.
On 4 November, Russia celebrates the state holiday – People’s Unity Day. This day occupies a special place in the history of our Fatherland and is associated with the pivotal events of the Russian state. Its main date of birth is 1612, when Minin and Pozharsky organized the people to defend Moscow and the Russian land from Polish invaders.
During the event, children learnt about significant pages of the national history, when patriotism and citizenship helped our people to unite and protect the country from invaders, to overcome the times of powerlessness and strengthen the Russian state.
At the end, a quiz was held to consolidate the children’s knowledge. 21 people attended the event.


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