September 15, 2023. An event on “On the shore of Rabiga Lake”.

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On September 15, 2023, an employee of Bolgar Museum-Reserve Usmanova D. O. held an environmental event on “On the shore of Rabiga Lake” for 15 pupils of kindergarten “Solnyshko”. The purpose of event was to study and learn about the environment.
A walk on the territory of Rabiga Lake was held for the children, during which they learned to notice the beauty of “ordinary” things (leaves fallen from trees, pebbles on the shore). At the monument to the Khan’s daughter, they became acquainted with the legend connected with the appearance of the lake. Then kids played mobile games in which they performed various tasks – sang, danced, showed their sports skills, competed in running with obstacles for speed and played ball.
At the event, the children received unforgettable emotions, great mood and sweet treats.


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