July 11, 2023. Opening of the exhibition “Keepers of time”.

 On July 11, 2023, at 14:00 at the exhibition area of the Museum of Bulgarian Civilization the opening of the exhibition “Keepers of time” will take place.

The World professional photographer’s holiday is July 12. Man has always been drawn to the “beautiful”, and he tried to figure out the form of the beauty he saw. In poetry, it was the form of the word, in music the beauty had a harmonious sound basis, in painting the forms of beauty were transmitted by colors.

The invention of the first camera allowed people not to use the services of artists to capture the highlights of their lives, beautiful landscapes, dear and beloved faces.

The exhibition “Keepers of time” exhibits cameras of different time period and photo equipment, with the help of which our dads and moms, grandparents who lived in the country called the USSR, “stopped the moments”. Guests will be able to see such samples of Soviet photo equipment as “Smena”, “Zenit”, “FED”, “Moscow” and others.

Also at the exhibition, the audience will see photos, photographic films and photo frames. The exhibition will run until February 21, 2024.




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