May 25, 2023. Opening of the exhibition “Living thread of traditions”.

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The year 2023 was declared the Year of National Cultures and Traditions in Tatarstan. Tatarstan is a big multinational republic, and it is important to remember that each nation is rich in its traditions, customs and art.
On May 25, 2023, the exhibition “Living thread of traditions” opened. The exhibition introduces visitors to traditional crafts and trades of Tatar and Russian art. Tatar arts and crafts represent the palette of ancient art, the origins of which go back to the state of Volga Bulgaria. Tatar folk art, like the art of any nation, has a unified nature and develops a stable arsenal of ornamental complexes and motifs, develops its own style and rhythm.
The exhibition “Living thread of traditions” opens to the visitor the palette of bright and diverse culture of the Tatar people. The exhibition includes museum items – samples of modern Tatar national costume: boots, vest, kalfak, jewelry and interior items. All items are ornamented in the style of polychrome mosaic.
The exposition is complemented by clay items and art painting: khokhloma, gzhel, zhostovo. Products presented at the exhibition captivate by their imagination and mastery, they give warmth and comfort.
The exhibition introduces visitors to the national culture of the Tatar and Russian peoples. It visually tells about everyday life, holidays, centuries-old rituals and customs.


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