The arts collection of the Bolgar State Historical and Archaeological Museum-Reserve is constituted by various art works (paintings, water colors, graphic artworks, sculptures) dedicated to Bolgar.

Among the paintings, it is necessary to mention the works by Soviet artists (B.Urmanche, R.Gusmanov, E.Zaripov, F.Yakupov, Yu.Lysogorsky, L.Fattakhov) and the works of the artists of the Republic of Tatarstan (I.Akhmadeev, R.Gazeev, R.Vagapov, F.Khalikov, A.Timershin, B.Gilvanov, V.Kirgizin and F.Valiullin).

Since 2015, the participants of annual Art Expedition project has been contributing their works to the arts collection of the Bolgar Museum-Reserve (A.Ilyasov, M.Mingazov, Z.Biktashev,A.Busygin and A.Tamanyan).

The majority of paintings are depicting the architectural monuments of Bolgar, its landscape and views to the Volga. Also, there are works dedicated to historic events as the emergence of Bulgarians on the Volga, the adoption of Islam, the visit of Peter the Great to Bolgar or to Bulgarian Khans and the famous Aga Bazar market of the Medieval Bolgar.

Water colors and graphic arts in the collection include the works of D.Arkhangelsky, N.Freyman, M.Mavrovskaya, I.Kolmogortseva. The works by D.Arkhangelsky is of a special interest as he was a participant of the Volga Archaeological Expedition and created the drawings of monuments, findings and archaeological ruins at the area, which is currently flooded due to the construction of the Kuybyshev Water Reservoir.






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