The Black Chamber was built of white limestone In the middle of the XIV century. It is a two-storied building consisting of a quadrangular cubic base, an octagonal middle section and a hemispherical dome in plan (with a dome room 9.5 m in height). The central room has remained intact, being part of a larger building with a portal, a front staircase and side galleries. Dimensions of the preserved quadrangle in plan are 10×10 m, and 15×16 including the galleries.

The Black Chamber is the only surviving civil structure of the XIV century. Its actual purpose has not been revealed, possibly being a court, medrese or hospitage.

The object bears general resemblance to an extensive range of oriental buildings, social and religious, belonging to the specified historical period. In terms of structure and artistic interpretations of the central portion, the Black Chamber is closest to Central Asian architecture.




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