January 25, 2023. A lecture on “Leningrad is in the fire”.

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On January 25, 2023, employees of Bolgar Museum-Reserve R. Z. Vagapov and I. D. Muhametshin held a lecture on “Leningrad is in the fire” for 22 students of Spassky College of industrial technologies. The lesson was devoted to the 80th anniversary of the breakthrough of the Leningrad blockade.
During the lecture, students learned about the tragic and heroic page of the Great Patriotic War. On September 8, Nazi troops closed the siege ring. For 872 days, the city of Leningrad lived in conditions of hunger, cold and ceaseless struggle with the enemy. Every day the city was fired from guns. Aircraft constantly made raids, but the city did not surrender. The main problem of the townspeople was hunger. To supply the townspeople, along the shore of Lake Ladoga the “Road of Life” was organized.
On January 12, 1943, the troops of the Leningrad Front and the second Shock Army of the Volkhov Front took offensive, and on January 18 liberated Schlisselburg. Thus, a connection with the mainland was established. By the end of January 1944, the troops completely liberated Leningrad from the enemy siege. At the end of the lecture, the students listened to a song by a modern band “Aria” about the courage of defenders of Leningrad.


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